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San Diego's Cannabis Valley

Former credit union, soon-to-be cannabis dispensary When a place becomes a magnet for a certain industry it typically gets a nickname, generic name, or a play on words. High tech has Silicon Valley in the S.F. Bay Area, Silicon Alley in NYC, and Silicon Beach in L.A. American movies have Hollywood. Indian movies have Bollywood. Etc. The Sorrento Valley area of San Diego is quickly becoming a magnet for cannabis dispensaries due to its favorable zoning. Today, I nicknamed this area Cannabis Valley North . I came up with this name while touring a new dispensary that's planning to open in the spring under the OutCo brand . What makes Cannabis Valley North so zone-friendly is that it's an industrial area, plus it's about dead center, in the middle of the county, along the coast. One of the requirements for dispensaries is they have to be at least 1,000' from another dispensary. Ironically, there's already a legal dispensary less than 100 yards away, but,  since